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Geyser Installation & Repair Alberton

Geyser Installation & Repair

When it comes to day-to-day comfort and convenience, it doesn’t get any better than a hot shower or bath. From the moment your eyes first open in the morning, the warmth of a hot shower starts the day off right. As the day winds down, a hot soak in the tub helps you wash away the stress of the day. To make sure that you have the hot water relief you need and deserve, we are here to help. From replacement to repairs, they are your go-to source for hot water heater services. They specialise in a variety of makes and models, and their team of experts will ensure that your hot water heater is working at peak performance.

Let our experts ensure that your geyser installation is done correctly and safely. Whether you’re replacing your old geyser, upgrading to a new model, or need a new installation done, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to do the job right. Our team of professional plumbers can handle all aspects of geyser installation, from selecting the right kind of unit to getting the perfect fit for your space.

Notify us immediately if your water heater has any of the following issues:

Leaks from the water heater – Leaks can happen in two major places the top, and the bottom part. If the leak is from the top, it could mean the inlet pipe is loose or the inlet valve is leaking. When the leaking is from the bottom, it means the tank itself is leaking, and the remedy is a replacement.

No hot water – A water heater that doesn’t produce hot water is faulty. Often this is traceable to the tripping-off of the circuit breaker or failure of the heating element.

Not Hot Enough Water – When a water heater is producing cold water or water not hot enough, there is a problem with the thermostat.

Too Hot Water – This is also caused by the thermostat, where the temperature is too high.

Geysers can run into problems anytime, which can be discomforting. There is no better way to prevent this from happening than to maintain your appliance from time to time. Carrying out this procedure yourself is not advisable, as you could end up damaging some wires or tampering with some connections.

It’s best to call for a professional. By doing so, it would be easy to identify any underlying issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost to install a geyser is between R2 100 – R2 300. This cost is based on the labour fees alone and excludes material costs.

No, it’s a tricky job best, left to a qualified plumber. As you are dealing with both water and electricity, you should also call in an electrician to earth your geyser.

A complete gas geyser installation can cost anywhere from R8900 for entry-level up to R20 000 for more advanced setup and depending on your requirements. Based on average industry rates you should budget for your gas geyser installation as follows: Gas line installation – R2900 and up. Plumbing – R2900 and up.
The geyser should be located away from wet areas, so the installation space should be away from the bathtub, shower, skin or toilet. The unit should be raised above the floor and should be installed at optimum height so the unit can be shut off when needed.


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