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Burst & Leaking Pipes Alberton

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Burst & Leaking Pipes

As a homeowner, burst pipes can seem like a nightmare. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The first thing you need to do is turn off the valve that allows water into your home. This should be done immediately, as it will stop water from leaking into your walls, causing more damage. If the pipes are exposed, then shut the valve off manually, but if the pipes are hidden in walls, then you should shut off a valve at the location where water enters your home. Once you have stopped the flow of water, you should call a professional plumber who can quickly diagnose and fix any damage. They can also replace any damaged pipes if necessary. Don’t wait if you have burst pipes, as the longer the damage goes unrepaired, the more costly and extensive the work will be.

The Signs of Burst Water Pipes
Let’s face it, it’s not always easy spotting a burst water pipe. Sometimes the leak can be hidden underground or behind a wall.

We are ready to jump into action whenever you need help. Our emergency burst pipe repairs are what you need if you notice:

Fluctuating water pressure
Damp or mould in the bathroom
Excess moisture around the home
Unexplained pools of water
Abnormal water supply

The Main Causes of Burst Water Pipes
Occasionally pipes bust with little or not warning, but usually there are warning signs and a range of reasons why it happens. The most common causes of burst pipes include:

Corrosion from aged or rusted pipes
Overly high water pressure
Blocked pipes and pressure build up
Natural wear and tear
Tree root blockages
Freezing due to winter temperatures

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When your water bill skyrockets for no apparent reason and you have no obvious leaks, you might have a leaking or burst pipe hidden away. There are a few signs to look out for to help you locate the offending pipe, such as:

Signs of water damage

Discoloured patches on your ceiling, wall or floor are clear signs of water damage. Unusual bubbling on the wall from under your paint or wallpaper is another sign of water damage. The burst pipe might be exactly where the signs of water damage are, but often the water can pool in a different spot as well.

Extra green lawn

Have you noticed a particular section of your lawn has become greener quite recently for no reason? You might have a burst pipe under your lawn in this location.

Corroded pipes, mould and more

Signs of corrosion around your pipes or mould, moisture and rotten wood can all be signs of a leaking or burst pipe. The broken pipe is likely near the damage.

The odour of sewage

You won’t struggle to find this one. The smell of sewage not only indicates a broken pipe, but more specifically a broken sewage pipe.

Water pipes burst because the water inside them expands as it gets close to freezing, and this causes an increase in pressure inside the pipe. When the pressure gets too high for the pipe to contain, it ruptures. This expansion phenomenon seems natural, but interestingly, it is a chemical anomaly.


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